Chapter 2 Heal Thyself



“Behold, the kingdom of God

is within you."


Ted was determined to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This strong intention was the foundation of his journey to healing. He began by praying for God’s guidance and reading His word. In the Scriptures, he found many passages containing promises of healing and hope. He noticed many times that Jesus chose to physically touch the person during the healing process.

“And He laid His hands on her; and immediately she was made straight, and glorified God.”


From what he could gather from reading Scripture, healing was also a matter of faith. With faith, you can begin to see yourself as a perfect expression of the Father and believe you will be in perfect health.

At the time, he was reading the King James version of the Bible. At first, he found the old school writing style a bit much. Yet after a while, the words became alive and they began to shine the light of ages into his dark days. When he read the passages of amazing works of healing, he found hope. But he wondered just how Jesus accomplished these wondrous miracles.

How in the world?

He did them so effortlessly. Perhaps that was the answer. He wasn't doing much of anything, physically. He was merely allowing the Father to work through Him. Jesus was simply allowing God the Father to use His body as a holy and living sacrifice. He was relaxed and open to God's healing light and love like it was the most natural thing in the world. By simply relaxing in the presence of the Holy Father, Jesus was able to accomplish tremendous miracles of healing and hope. While He could certainly heal others just by sending out God's light and love mentally, many times Jesus chose to use His touch as a transmitter of heavenly energy. His body became a divine conduit between Spirit and flesh.


Along with all the wondrous healing in the Bible, there seemed to be a lot of people suffering. A lot of them were being rounded up and herded off to jail. My friend Ted could certainly relate. In time, he found the Scriptures to be full of promise and hope. In time, he found the writing style to be compelling and beautiful. Thousands of years later, all the thee’s and thou’s were setting the stage for ancient truths to unfold today. However, today he was still suffering. Today, wonderful and compelling wasn't getting it done.

Ted had heard of energy bodywork and touch healing and went as far as getting a treatment. While it was soothing, it didn't heal his back; there was something missing.

Intuitively, he tried to lay his hands over different areas of his body while focusing on Christ's healing love working through him. He experimented by moving his hands to his lower back while praying short prayers and meditating on this love. The missing element was bringing in Divine light and love.


Ted experienced spontaneous healing. The absence of pain was nothing short of a miracle. He was blessed with immediate transformation and relief. A wave of pure healing love filled his back and flooded his entire body. Darkness and pain were replaced with an amazingly warm and wonderful fluid. His being was filled with light and love. His being was pierced by God's love and light. It was a living, loving, moving thing piercing Ted’s soul and filling his body with healing grace. Warm, thick love oozed through his back and there was no room for pain.

Divine healing was no longer just a mysterious concept from biblical times; it was a reality that was being experienced now. Words fail to describe the experience of the immediate fulfillment of healing the Bible promises! Years of debilitating pain finally ended and his body was rejuvenated beyond any expectation. Since then, other things may have taken a little longer to heal but this method has not failed.


It is truly amazing just how much Ted’s life has changed on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Relying on a Christ-cure has brought light and hope to the most challenging time of his life. This ongoing journey of wellness has been beyond anything he had hoped.

Ted was restored and energized deep in his being. He was transformed on all levels of being; some things tangible, some things not. He began to feel a distinct flow and communion with the Divine. He began to feel a sense of oneness and synchronicity where things just seemed to click. He simply needed to relax and be open to a healthy dose of the living Christ.

This is a wellness journey that is an intuitive process and it constantly evolves. When you work with the living, giving Jesus, this journey seems to take on a life of its own. Ted receives blessings, grace and mini-miracles every time he chooses to rest in Christ’s healing presence. He found there's a thin line between a walking, talking zombie and a walking, talking miracle. You only need to combine touch with powerful prayers and meditation to achieve results the world calls a miracle. It is a simple method Christ the Miracle-maker taught thousands of years ago.


Today, you can set your thoughts towards the mountain through prayer and meditation. Raise your thoughts and prayers higher toward His holy mountain. Here, the light of Christ will illuminate the miracle-maker inside you. Here, as you slow down and quiet your mind, stop thinking and begin to listen with your heart. Listen as His healing love and Divine grace moves through your heart and out through your hands.

Open your heart to God's love and He will fill your soul with His healing power. You can combine His heavenly love with human love, and send this flow of spiritual energy out through your hands. Just as the Way-Shower taught in days of yore, He will guide you today. He will guide you through your heart and lead you through your soul. Anyone can lay their hands on themselves or another and allow Christ to work in them and through them. He will guide you through your own inner wisdom and you will intuitively know where to lay comforting, healing hands.

Trust in your touch, as your touch is your truth.

“He laid His hands on every one of them and healed them.” -Luke

Bring your pain to Him today and be healed through soothing touch. Seek His face and seek His hands. Imagine His hands gently lying over your hands. Feel His loving, healing presence transferred through the power of touch. Healing love and transforming grace are transferred simply and effectively. This is simple but also incredibly powerful. This is incredibly effective as you do nothing; nothing but being open and yielding to Divine grace. You are simply allowing the power of Christ's love and light to move into your heart and out through your hands.

Faithful prayer together with a loving touch projects Divine healing grace. With just enough faith, healing love is conveyed through the heart and out of the hands. Through the power of touch, love is transferred simply and directly with a tremendous potential to heal. Let His Divine grace work in you and through you by healing touch. Your simple touch is empowered and transformed by His Divine hands lying on your hands.

Touch is transformed when combined with Divine love.

Touch communicates His love and grace. Touch becomes magical. Touch works.

“She came behind Him

and touched the

border of His garment...

She had touched Him

and was immediately healed.”


She knew the power of touch. She knew that the touching of His robe would bring the healing of a lifelong ailment. Instantaneous, miraculous healing is possible by touching the presence of the living Christ. Rationally, it didn't make any kind of sense, but somehow she knew deep in her heart that touch heals. Instinctively, she knew deep in her soul that His touch was powerful and transforming.

Touch is transforming and transcending.

Touch is pure love.

Touch heals.


It is as simple and loving as a mother's touch. Instinctively, when her child has a fever, she cradles the child and lovingly puts her hand on the child's head. Allow Jesus to cradle you in the same loving fashion. As you open and read this book, open yourself. Open yourself to His unconditional love and healing touch. Open your heart and soul to His gift of healing and love. Open yourself to the reality that God's gifts of love and healing are limitless. Come to know that the Creator's healing power constantly pours into your being through Christ and the very air you breathe.

God’s life-giving force is an incredible healing power that flows through your body and out of your hands. This is so important; you might read that sentence again. Read it over and over and begin to believe it deep in your heart. You only have to be aware and open to this simple truth. Christ will do all the work.

“And God is able to make all grace abound toward you.” -Paul

All grace is an amazingly powerful healing concept.

If you think about it, all grace abounding and flowing toward you is a whole lot of grace. A virtual downpour of Divine healing grace is surrounding you right now. A tsunami of God's love and healing light is rolling into your heart.

All you have to do is to see yourself as an open channel of this flowing, soothing grace bounding straight from the vast storehouse of the Most High. Imagine yourself as a big hollow bamboo tube allowing a free path of His love into your heart and flowing deep into your soul. As an open pathway of His love, you can focus and direct His flow of infinite, amazing grace.

Allow His love and light to start you on your journey of wellness. Trust that God's creative healing forces are radiating in you and through you. This is the beginning of a powerful healing alliance as you begin working hand in hand with the Great Preserver.

“Ye are all children of Light”


As a child of light and a child of God, you possess this healing energy in full. God's light and love is a healing force available to all His children. God's light is a healing force abounding in and all around you. Pray that He will allow you to feel it fully, pray that you feel it now. It's part of your heritage and inheritance as a child of the Most High. As a direct channel of His light and love, open the gates of your soul. Then step out of the way as God’s grace abounds in you and through you.


The healing pulse of God is like a river. This is a flowing river of perfect health; a living, loving thing. This is a living, loving, breathing river. With each breath, you can choose to refresh yourself in the constant flow of the water of life. Immerse yourself in this warm gift of pure love and perfect health. This river of grace and love is an in-dwelling source of incredible healing power you can tap into at will. This healing force is literally at your fingertips. With desire and strong intention, you contain amazing healing potential, here and now.

“And He showed me a pure river of the water of life-force clear as crystal,

And let him who thirsts come.

And whosoever will,

let him take of the water of life freely.


Freely take of the living water of Christ the Healer. Free yourself in a warm, gentle current of Divine healing energy. Restore your soul and rejuvenate your body in this nurturing current of the water of life. This pure water of life is complete. This living water is complete restoring nourishment and perfect unconditional love.

“If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.

He that believeth on me, as the Scripture hath said,

out of his belly shall flow waters of living water.”


God is the Healer.

“God is Love.”


Love is the Healer.

Allow His love to move in everything you do. Love is front and center of all health; it is a choice and becomes a force. Make the choice to open yourself to a healing experience through the love of the living God. This choice creates a reality of health through God as you begin to imagine Divine love and light pouring deep inside your being.

Learn to expect it.

Expect it as you feel it from the bottom of your heart. You can choose to deeply feel loving grace penetrating your body. His grace rejuvenates tissue and heals fractured emotions. Like the warmth of the sun penetrating a plant's leaves waking up each cell to His light. God made each leaf with the built-in ability to absorb the sun's light, just as you have the built-in ability to absorb God's light through prayer and intention. You heal and become an effective healer by absorbing the light and love flowing from God Himself.


An alignment with the Most High allows you to recover your body's own healing genius. You are an intricate, regenerating machine designed by God's infinite wisdom. Tiny cells have the ability to learn, adapt and they even have memory. Cells have the built-in intelligence to heal themselves. Begin to trust in this intelligence as healing consciousness is everywhere in the body. See yourself as one badass dynamic healing machine. Imagine your immune system on spiritual steroids as God’s healing forces align with the ability of your immune cells to fight off disease.

Every cell is a conscious universe in itself, containing a galaxy of complexity with amazing self-repairing mechanisms. If you look at images of cells or even atoms, one thing that stands out to me is how much open space there is. These tiny galaxies have plenty of room to bring in the consciousness of the living Christ. By bringing in His healing presence, you change the very makeup of your cells.

“So I say to ye,


and it shall be given ye;


and ye shall find,


and it shall be opened to you.”


Ask for the healing presence of God to be felt by each and every cell in your body. Seek His loving presence as your cells are rejuvenated in the living water of Christ. These empowered cells begin to produce abundant wellness. Through prayer and meditation, you can create a fellowship with Jesus on a deep cellular level.

As you seek Him your cells become transformed and truly alive. In Christ's transforming presence, your cells are energized and restored. Like a sponge, your cells are designed to absorb the light and love of God. See and feel His loving light in every cell. Take a deep breath and imagine each cell glowing brighter and brighter. ‘AAHHHHH.’

The amount of this restoring light you absorb is totally up to you. Start with truly believing God lives in you, and you live in God. Believe His life-force is in every breath, bringing Divine light and love to every cell in your body. With each breath, you are delivering not only oxygen. With each breath, you are delivering His Spirit to all parts of your body. With each breath, make the conscious intention to open your heart and soul to God’s love. The healing presence of His Holy Spirit restores harmony and balance to every cell and molecule of your being.


Your body is made up of some seventy trillion cells, and each cell has as many as a million receptors. Do the math. You might consider yourself to be one big receptor. You can choose to be a receptor of God's healing love and all that is good. Cells communicate with each other through these tiny receptors. Through this communication, they repair and regenerate old cells and even creates new ones.

Your thoughts have a tremendous impact on this reproduction process. What you are thinking at the exact moment of reproduction affects the physical makeup and behavior of your new cells. If a new cell is produced when you were feeling emotions of well-being, it is created with more receptors designed to accept more positive feelings of God or good. A cycle of harmony and wellness begins. You can choose a cycle of God. You can choose a cycle of good!

With Christ in your heart, every thought, every moment is new. Moment to moment, thought to thought, you are a new creation when you accept Jesus into your heart. Each thought is a new opportunity; each thought is an opportunity with limitless possibilities. Each thought is an opportunity for the new you, a new creation. While you may be what you eat, there is no getting around you are what you think. You create you, moment to moment. You can choose to create a new you in God and all that is good. A new you in all that goodness doesn't need to be so grumpy.


Christ never abandons you, and He is waiting patiently inside. There is a peace and calm found resting in His loving presence. Emptiness is filled from within, and everything you could possibly need to heal is already there. Inside is an incredible source of power and strength. His healing power is always lovingly waiting. The question becomes, what are you waiting for? Perfect, creative healing wisdom is waiting within. You can choose to call on Christ the Inner Physician, as

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” -Paul

The same miracle-maker of the Bible is patiently waiting within. You can choose to be a miraculous healing instrument of the living Christ by focusing inside. People can spend their whole lives frantically searching outside themselves, when everything is already there, waiting inside.

Instead of searching without, try focusing within. Search inside for your solution. It is waiting there, right next to your heart. Here you will find an incredibly powerful source of healing through Christ.


I needed to come up with a name for this healing method that worked wonders for me. I decided to meditate on it, so I got comfy, did the deep breathing, and let my mental chatter come and go. When I felt a stillness, I asked, “What do I name this healing method that worked wonders for me?” While the clouds didn't open up, and a deep, bass voice wasn't heard, I was left with a distinct feeling to read the gospel of Luke. In fact, I knew I had to read Luke. There I discovered some wonderful, uplifting passages like:


the kingdom of God

is within.”


And there it was:

“Heal thyself” -Jesus

Take responsibility for your own health and HEAL THYSELF. KNOW THYSELF, know thy truth, HEAL THYSELF and then HEAL THY PLANET. Create health, share health. That is the mantra: Create health, share health.

I find that when I say something over and over, it creates belief. Strong belief and concentrated expectation helps in creating reality. Right thinking or simply saying a powerful short prayer (PSP) over and over has a beneficial effect on healing. You can become right thinking by asking Christ to come into your thinking process.

“And the prayer of faith will save the sick,

and the Lord will raise him up.”


Thought to thought, instant to instant, thoughts create. Every thought creates change, sometimes the change is subtle and sometimes this change transforms everything. Thoughts are things with the potential of great transformation, here and now. Thoughts have the ability to create or destroy. Negative thoughts and stuffed emotions need to be acknowledged, expressed and let go to allow for optimum health.

Choose to sow healing prayers over random mental chatter or fear and worry. Saying a powerful short healing prayer over and over brings abundant health. Healthy, hopeful thinking empowers your healing. Hope energizes healing as much as any treatment or pill. Hope gives power. Hope physically strengthens your immune system, and a strong immune system keeps you healthy. Allow hope to bloom in your heart, as hope and enthusiasm strengthens the body's self-repair mechanisms. Hope inspires these healing mechanisms: hope then is health.

“Whatsoever things are true,

whatsoever things are honest,

whatsoever things are just,

whatsoever things are pure,

whatsoever things are lovely,

whatsoever things are of good report;

if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise,

think on these things

and the God of peace shall be with you.”


By thinking of these good things helps bring peace from God. This peace produces chemicals in your body which brings calmness, balance and harmony, which in turn creates more feel-good chemicals. A cycle of good begins when you meditate on things pure and good. Hope and positive thoughts are lighter and lift you closer to God's healing light. Conversely; heavier, negative thoughts cloud this healing source.

The warmth of God's healing light cannot be felt through dark, thick clouds. Dark, destructive thinking blocks the free flow of His light and love, bringing down the kingdom of your body. You can choose to uplift your body's house and create health by the power of positive prayer combined with a loving touch. You can think yourself ill or you can choose to think yourself well.


“Thou shalt also decree a thing,

and it shall be established unto thee;

and the light shall shine upon your ways.”


God's light will shine upon your ways with your strong intention. With hopeful intention you can make your body younger (at least biologically), healthier and stronger. With strong, quiet conviction, declare yourself master and commander. Declare yourself commander of your thoughts and master of your health. With God's light and a self-empowering attitude, you become the center of a healing force by taking responsibility for your own health.

By taking responsibility, you start by learning as much as you can about your body. You take control and make intuitive decisions by choosing to act on them and trusting your inner voice. You already make choices concerning your health all the time: walk or ride, bike or drive, fresh or frozen, and of course, paper or plastic.

Sometimes the decisions are things you already know you should be doing: lifestyle choices such as a healthy diet, exercising and lowering your blood pressure. Things like staying away from drugs and cigarettes, managing your reaction to stress, and nurturing healthy relationships. Above all, strive to have a healthy, nurturing relationship with the living Christ. Through Christ the Inner Physician, trust you have the ability to HEAL THYSELF.

“Thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.” -Jesus


Holistic healing is working with the whole person, and acknowledging that you cannot ignore the different levels of being: mind, body and soul. These different levels are all connected and influence each other. When you are experiencing physical symptoms, a lot of the time the underlying cause is found on another level. Stuffing and holding toxic emotions tend to manifest on a physical level. When these emotions are suppressed, they continue and even fester. But when brought out and dealt with, they eventually heal.

Whole healing is the restoration of balance. Restoring balance involves giving each level of being a voice, and a chance to be heard. On the physical level, it is important to listen to what the body is trying to communicate. It takes time and patience to really listen to your body. You have to be willing to listen to and interpret cellular memory. It involves summoning enough courage to face your deepest fear and painful experiences. For me, it took a major health crisis to confront my major issues. Digging deep to discover the root of my problems was not a pretty picture. It was however, an opportunity for growth, strength and hopefully, wisdom.

HEAL THYSELF bodywork is a healing paradigm that focuses on all levels of being. Mind, body and soul are intertwined, and what affects one, affects all. Healing on one level helps the healing of other levels. Some people over-medicate with pain pills or alcohol to mask a physical and emotional imbalance. People know deep down this is abusive, and tend to stuff their guilt.

Top to bottom, I was a mess. But after healing bodywork combined with right thought, my body returned to a natural balance. I felt a wondrous, deep healing from within and a return to vitality and wellness. I was pumped.

Right thought combined with the power of prayer is an important factor in making this method work. What you truly believe, together with the willingness to look deeply into yourself guides your wellness journey.

“For a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”


I found that the use of powerful short prayers, or PSPs, is helpful in overcoming random mental chatter. One PSP I rely on is:









Sometimes, I just use a shorter version:





The more I say it, the more I believe it, the more I really feel God’s love and light. The more I say it over and over, the more it becomes concrete real. More of God's healing grace flows in me and through me, and I give more thanks because I actually begin to feel it. I can actually feel His life increase in my body as a distinct flow of pleasurable energy. I feel a warm, comforting sensation. My pain faded, and my strength and vitality increased. Each day I say it, I am rewarded with increased healing love, and increased grace. My spiritual might is strengthened, my spiritual adventure deepened. Right thinking became me.

I am right thinking.

Jesus gave us permission to use His name in prayer. The use of His name, combined with praise and gratitude, adds power to your prayer.

Here is another PSP:










Again, the more I say it, the more it becomes my truth and strength. You can use these PSPs or pray memorized scripture from the Bible. Use these as they are, or shorten or expand them. You can use your creative sense to shape your own PSPs. To make them powerful, it's best that they are positive, in the present tense, and resonate in your heart. This is the time to listen to your own inner truth.

“Fear not:

believe only,

and she shall be

made whole.”


The fact is parts of the brain can't distinguish the difference between reality and imagination. To create belief, it helps to say your healing prayer over and over, with a quiet, yet strong conviction. This will fill your mind with all that is holy and good. When you are aligned with God on a conscious level, the underlying level will work as He intended. The subconscious is part of your spiritual essence and is directly influenced by God Himself. Harmony on one level leads to harmony on both. While you are aware of the stream of thought on the conscious level, ninety percent of your mind is working just below the surface.

Your subconscious is stubborn and often refuses to listen to reason. While it may ignore reason, it tends to respond to loving and patient suggestions. You can coax it into cooperation with love. To be master of your mind, be commander of your thoughts. Fill your thoughts with prayers of healing and love. Thinking, “I just won't think those things,” usually has you dwelling on just that. You can try something positive and loving, something that doesn't create tension, like: “God’s love guides me and inspires my thinking” or simply, “I radiate perfect health now.”

“And God said unto Moses, I Am That I Am.” -Exodus

The subconscious controls the command center for different functions of the body, including the amazing healing systems designed by God. Protective features like the immune system work perfectly until you start with thoughts of illness. Saying, “I am coming down with a sore throat, here comes another cold,” sends that order to the subconscious.

‘I am’ are two of the most powerful words we use. God used them when Moses asked for His Name. When you use them in a negative context, it is if you are saying God is coming down with a sore throat but the reality is God is perfect love and perfect health. Trust me on this; His throat is in perfect health.

If you think you are getting sick, that is the suggestion you send to the subconscious. God's influence is wellness, but your command is, “catch a cold.” This sends the body into disarray. The subconscious also picks up on disease suggestions from outside the body that can translate into illness. That is why it is so important to be a strict guardian of your thoughts and especially your ‘I am’ statements.

As master and commander, deny thoughts of darkness or disease at the door of your being, and replace them with thoughts of love and light. To keep your whole body full of light, re-program yourself with thoughts of radiant health. A vigilant guardian stops thoughts of illness immediately and replaces them with thoughts of wellness. Instead of thinking or saying, “I am feeling something coming on,” try “I am so full of God's healing and grace, all I feel is His light and love. I am literally floating in His perfect love and radiant health.” Thank God in advance for His gift of healing and grace. If you say it over and over, the subconscious buys it and then it sells wellness to the rest of the body. Coax your subconscious with gentle love, and it begins to buy suggestions of love all day. Practice makes perfect.

“You would have asked Him, and He would have given to you living water." -Jesus

One thing I practice is thinking strong ‘I am’ statements while drinking water. I believe water is indeed living. Recent studies seem to back this up and hey, it sure can’t hurt. In the morning the first thing I do is thank and bless my water, then drink while thinking my mantras of health and wellness. A billion or so Catholics can’t all be wrong.

Practice replacing thoughts of fear and disease with thoughts of love and faith. It is possible to program your mind with faith and love. Faith and love become habit-forming, and thoughts of health become a habit. It becomes second nature when you stop and realize you were bought and paid for with the love of the Lord. If it gets difficult, try a two-step method.

First, thank God for overwhelming thoughts of disease, then turn them over to Jesus. I know that might sound backwards, but sometimes you have to be open to just trying something different, or test a new path to wellness. Call on Jesus to take thoughts of darkness and fear, and ask Him to open your eyes to the glory of your heritage as a child of the Most High. Ask Him to take those thoughts and replace them with thoughts of radiant, perfect health.

Ask Jesus to help guard your thoughts. Trust in the grace and hope He provides, as your thoughts of disease and doubt become thoughts of wellness and knowing. Thoughts of knowing and wellness overflow your conscious mind and begin to fill your subconscious. Then, those thoughts overflow your subconscious mind and they begin to fill your reality. You have no choice but to radiate perfect health and wellness, in and out. Your inner glow betrays you.

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