Chapter 9 Heal thy Planet Part 1.




“Thou shalt also decree a thing,

and it shall be established unto thee:

and the light shall shine upon thy ways.”



Now more than ever we are living in a divided nation. We are a deeply fractured and polarized nation. We are a troubled nation divided into blue and red, rich and poor, race and religion. Economic and cultural division has split the country like never before. We are challenged by the loss of factories, high unemployment, low wages, rising suicide rates, addiction and poor health. Dialogue is disappearing and disagreement is met with violence and hate. Instead of matching hate with escalating hate and violence, we need love and prayer more than ever.

It's amazing how this current political debacle has seeped into every one's lives. It has become a hyper-politicalized reality show run amok. People base their relationships on one another’s political views. People are taking sides and demanding you take a side. Well people, this is not fake: I refuse. I refuse to buy into the negativity and fear porn. I refuse to give politics and division emotional energy and space. I choose love. I cannot control politics or economic conditions but I can choose love. I can choose to resist with love and prayers to heal our nation. The resistance is real: real prayers, real love.

“Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations?’”



If you believe you can heal yourself through prayer and touch, you can. If you believe you can help others heal through the living Christ, you certainly will. You start by decreeing such a thing and the light of Christ will begin to shine on your ways. By decreeing such a thing, I was relieved from years of chronic pain instantly.

I was relieved by prayer, touch and being open to healing through Christ. However, I did start with a strong intention and I knew in my heart I was going to get well no matter. If the combination of prayer and touch therapy somehow didn’t work, I was prepared to explore any number of healing options. I thank God that He healed my body, but I was prepared to try chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy and other modalities that I can’t even spell.

Healing comes down to making a strong, conscious choice and taking positive action. After making a strong conviction, try establishing a healing alliance with the greatest healer of all time, Christ the Physician. With His help, know that you’re a spiritual being with the ability to HEAL THYSELF. By setting a strong intention of self-healing, people around you are positively affected. Set your willful intention, and then know people will begin to be affected on a nationwide basis. You come to the realization that all of God’s children share the same breath and thus we are all one.

Simply open yourself to Divine wellness with a trusting and expecting attitude. Turn your mind and will over to the Divine healing forces of the living God. As you do nothing, allow His flow of healing love and light to pour into the depths of your being. You’re doing nothing, except resting in His Divine presence. Accept the healing power of His Spirit with your whole heart and accept it with your whole soul.

You can call on the good Lord above as He promises to hear and answer your prayer of healing. He answered my prayer with this method of healing and wellness. I was drawn to the HEAL THYSELF touch therapy because of its simplicity. These are simple, practical techniques that you can put to use immediately with positive results. It is a paradigm of healing that empowers you to heal on all four levels of being at once; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Now we can take what we have learned and begin to focus on healing of nations. We are now empowered in Christ; we are ready to create healing on a larger scale. We have formed prayer groups and found amazing power in collective focused prayer.

“Behold, I make all things new.” -God

HEAL THYSELF touch therapy asks you to be in touch with yourself in a deeper way. It’s a unique roadmap to healing and wellness. It’s the beginning of a new fellowship with your inner self on a deeper, richer level. It’s the beginning of a loving fellowship with the Father’s healing presence. This is a doorway to wholeness that asks you to slow down, and quiet your mind as you listen to the melody of the song of your soul. In the quiet, you will begin to hear a glorious melody of a union and a communion with God Himself; all through the miracle of prayer and touch.


The science behind touch healing is just now being acknowledged. The body is basically one big field of electrical currents. Small currents and magnetic fields are continually in motion throughout the body. Touch directs invisible energy waves to penetrate the skin and tissue resulting in an increase in the flow of blood. God induced circulation helps with tissue healing and regeneration.

This current of energy inspires the natural ability of the body to HEAL THYSELF. Electrically charged particles of God’s life energy will restore cells and reduces inflammation. This healing current of energy increases the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide with increased blood circulation inspires quicker healing to an area targeted by touch.

Charged ions begin moving faster and faster excited by a Divine flow of healing energy. This activates the body’s innate ability for restoration. This treatment works best when the damaged area is treated anywhere from twenty to thirty minutes; twice a day if possible. A full treatment is recommended to balance the entire body with time and emphasis on areas of pain or discomfort. Soothing touch directs the flow of energy as it is transferred to these electromagnetic fields.

Every organ in the body actually produces its own special electromagnetic field. Glands are designed to react to chemical and electrical signals. Nothing happens, good or bad, without an electromagnetic exchange. So, it only makes sense that they respond beautifully to this sort of treatment. They are truly inspired by this electrical current of healing love and respond by working in balance with the organs and the rest of the body. Enhanced by God’s electrical current of life they rebalance the entire body by producing the correct amount of chemicals and hormones.



Techniques described in this book can be easily learned and can be put to use at once with the vast potential of amazing healing and transformation. Once you’ve read the material, go ahead and try these simple techniques with an open mind and heart. The combination of an open, hopeful mind and a quiet, strong conviction builds your foundation of wellness and wholeness. You will have to commit some time, but it will be time well spent.

After a while, these healing sessions will be looked forward to, as they become a pleasure and a treat. They become like drawing a warm, luxurious bubble bath of Divine love and living water. Prioritizing certain things in your life to make time for healing may even bring a little less chaos as it promises to add a lot more peace.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart,

…and He shall direct your paths.

…it will be health to your flesh,

and strength to your bones.”


Immerse your flesh in the warm fluid of His restoring and refreshing healing love as it will strengthen the body and bones. Make the time to begin getting whole through a fellowship with God on the deepest level. Trust in the peace and trust in the path Christ provides through a deeper Divine fellowship.

You will find this strength and peace by tapping into the healing presence of the Lord. You will experience an oneness with the Father that will exceed any expectation. This reunion with Spirit will begin to carry over to your everyday life and He will begin direct your paths. You will find God’s love and grace is truly alive as it has a healing pulse of its own that will transform everything about you.


Luke tells the story of Martha and Mary, in which one chose work and one chose to experience a fellowship with Jesus. When He first dropped in, both sisters shared in the preparation of the meal. But when Jesus began to teach about the Father’s kingdom, Mary dropped what she was doing and planted herself at His feet to absorbing everything she could. Martha continued with distracting busy work and making everything just so, until she became overwhelmed and finally interrupted Jesus in frustration. She asked Him to make Mary go back to work and He gently replied

“Martha, Martha, You are worried and troubled about many things.

But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen the good part,

which will not be taken from her.”


Like Mary, you can make the time to choose the good part instead of buying into the current political climate of division and hate. If you choose to make time for a loving fellowship with Christ, know it cannot be taken away. A healing fellowship with the living, loving Christ is all that is needed. Martha’s motives were fine; she only wanted to provide a good meal and a clean house. But her priorities were backward, as she didn’t see that eternal things were much more important than the temporary things of this world. Material wealth will one day fade, whereas spiritual wealth is forever.

Martha was so focused on things of this world; she lost sight of the big picture. The big picture is a deep fellowship with Christ and enjoying a rewarding spiritual experience. Be more like Mary, and drop all your worries and troubles for a moment. If you take the time for a moment of saving grace and a fellowship of healing through Christ, your body and soul will be rejuvenated. Your mind will also be strengthened in the process to fight the good fight. Plant yourself at the feet of Divine love and absorb His gift of perfect health. Take the time to savor His gift of wellness and hope.

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