Chalkboard Jesus Chapter 9 Part 2


“Call to Me, and I will answer you,

and show you great and mighty things which you do not know.” -God

Scripture is full of promises describing miraculous healing and hope. Boldly call God on just one of them, as one may be all you need. If you do your part, if you follow His laws of love, know He will answer. When I felt alone and desperate, I called out and asked to feel His healing presence. If you find yourself in a similar position, don’t give up. Call upon the awesome and giving God; you can begin by focusing on a healing prayer. Call on the All-Mighty by saying




Call out and declare your rights as a child of the Most High. See Christ Himself laying His healing hands over your hands. Imagine Jesus taking you by the hand and leading you to heavenly healing, just like the blind man of Bethsaida. As a child of His light and love, it is your divine inheritance.


The noise of the modern world doesn’t allow time for a person to slow down and begin to listen within. One of the biggest challenges today is to quiet all the distractions and noise in order to still your mind and body. In the stillness where you can listen to the voice of your soul and begin to hear the Spirit of the Lord that dwells within. It’s up to you to choose to build a quiet, peaceful temple inside for the living God to dwell. Just like in the Bible when God had Solomon build a magnificent temple. He built a temple for a place of worship, a place for fellowship and a place where God Himself would dwell.

Today you can build a magnificent temple, as this temple isn’t made with hands. As you construct your temple, know you’re also building a royal house of worship for yourself. Solomon’s temple consisted of an outer courtyard and a holy place, then an inner sanctuary or Most Holy Place. A veil separated the sanctuaries; it was a heavy curtain that divided the rest of the temple from the Most Holy Place. Only the high priest dared to enter the innermost sanctuary where God Himself would dwell. This was a Holy Place of divine grace.

Today, with the same intention and understanding, you can make the time to build your own temple of holy worship. Take the time and make way for a sacred place for the living God to dwell. Not a temple of the finest marble and gold, but a sacred temple constructed of thoughtful prayer and quiet meditation. Built with patience and persistence, this will be a quiet, holy place of divine worship and a sanctuary of healing fellowship. A place for healing grace and a chance to slow down as you behold the beauty of the Lord by quieting mind and body.

“One thing I have desired of the Lord,

That I will seek:

Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage,

and He shall strengthen your heart;

Wait, I say, on the Lord!”


Wait on the Lord in your own private sanctuary of healing. It is located deep inside your soul and it’s reached through your heart. Quiet the body and quiet the mind, as you dwell in the house of the Lord. Begin to think of your mind, body and soul as a magnificent temple of the Most High.

The body is the outer court, the mind is the Holy Place and your soul is the inner sanctuary or the Most Holy Place. Here you will find your own place for grace. You’re free to enter the Most Holy Place through Christ the High Priest. Trust He will guide you to the entrance of the kingdom of God within. With His own blood and living sacrifice, Christ used His Spirit to pierce the veil dividing the inner sanctuary, as He

“He cried out again in a loud voice,

and yielded up His Spirit.

Then, behold, the veil of the temple

was torn in two from top to bottom.”


His ultimate sacrifice of self lifted the veil to make way for a new fellowship, a deeper union and alignment with the Holy Father. Christ the High Priest’s sacrifice pierced the veil of consciousness, allowing a communion with the heavenly Father. Through your powerful prayer and focused intentiion, you’re free to enter into the Most Holy Place and free to enter into a healing fellowship with the loving, living God.

“For ye are the temple

of the living God;”


Today, you can prepare a place in your consciousness for the giving Father to dwell. Here we become in tune with the consciousness of higher healing. Prepare your own magnificent temple for the living God, as you set your thoughts and prayers on higher, holier ground. As you set foot on holier ground, ask Him through prayer to come into your heart and guide you. Invite Him to dwell in the Most Holy Place of your sacred temple of worship. Are you really going to put that whole double cheese greasy pizza pie into a holy temple?


“They lifted up their voice to God with one accord.”


We make our healing prayer super-charged by the power of a prayer group. With Jesus gone, the apostles lifted their prayer in one accord. They were looking for direction and fell back on what He had taught. They found they would be able to heal themselves and others if they prayed passionately in one accord. Today our group prayer is divinely charged by praying in one passionate sound. This passionate collective sound becomes a powerful instrument of change. This collective sound is focused and directed by the power of the group. This collective sound becomes a powerful divine symphony heard in the heavens.


I once met a person who had a near-death experience. He was surrounded by all black and nothingness, but he felt a loving presence. Then he heard a voice in the void, “Say Jesus.” This was just a twelve year old kid suffering from a severe fever from the flu. He was scared and confused, but he heard the loving request again, “Say Jesus.” So, he calls out, “Jesus,” and instantly there was Jesus standing before him. By simply calling out His holy name, he was instantly surrounded by a vision of brightest, loving light. What he remembered most was the radiating, glowing light of Christ’s robe and being immersed in pure, unconditional love.

His robe was all white, and it was the deepest, radiant white imaginable. The glowing, translucent white penetrated his entire being. Pure, blinding, white light jumped out and burned a loving image in his mind. The color of pure love is hard to describe, and hard for human eyes to tolerate. The white of Jesus’ robe was a radiant, heavenly white that can only be described as the most soul-piercing and heart-penetrating light one can imagine. The color was less a seeing thing, as it was more of a feeling experience. An amazing feeling of loving light experienced deep within his entire being. It kind of makes you wonder what they are using when they do divine laundry.

All I know is, when things get rough, just remember to say, “Jesus.”

“When You said, ‘Seek My face,’

my heart said to You,

‘Your face, Lord I will seek.’”


Seek His face with all your heart and with all your soul. With everything that is in you, concentrate on Christ as the Truth, the Way and the Light. He is always right there, always listening to your prayers and always sending His flow of perfect Divine love. Divine love is a healing force constantly pouring in the hearts of the group.

This gift of light and health is our heritage as children of the Most High. As we accept His loving gift, we are transformed into children of light. We are all His children; we’re all His children of light. If you have any doubts, just look at an x-ray, we’re made of energy and we’re made of light. We are all His children made of His light and we’re all connected.


We all share His life-essence and energy, as we’re all one with God and one with all He created.

We’re all connected to each other; we’re all one in Christ, all sharing the same breath. We’re all made of His life-giving energy, and all have the ability to utilize His incredible current of energy flowing through us. Inside is a tremendously powerful source of healing energy, and it’s a force waiting to be tapped. When we rely on this inner power, we not only heal ourselves, we contribute to healing others.

In our modern world there is a true disconnect. People are glued to their technology and forget their true essence but:

“Ye are all children of light.”


We are the light of the world, little light bulbs that God uses to send His light out to others. His love and light are shining within us and this is a fluid current of energy. With it, we can touch and then change each and every soul we come in contact with. Through the love of Christ, we have the power to change the world and possess the power to create a new world of healing. We pray for the healing of America because our country has tremendous impact on the world at large. Through His living, loving light, we have the power to change our nation and HEAL THY PLANET.

Modern Science has named the light emitting from our cells biophotons, or weak photon emissions. These are electromagnetic waves in the optical range of the spectrum; in other words: light. All living cells emit biophotons. Science is just now catching up with Scripture!


As we are all one in Christ, each change we make will change those around us, consciously or not. Thus begins a ripple of love and change that spreads outward. Our commitment to healing and wholeness is a catalyst for someone, somewhere to begin their own journey to wellness. They then spread their shining light to those around them, and on and on its goes. As soon as we become committed to our inner truth, we’re committed to the wellness of ourselves and others. So, when we take the time to heal ourselves, we are actually taking time to help heal our divided nation. When we take the time to heal we also contribute to the overall healing of our planet. We create health and then share health.

As we share health, we share a new paradigm of wholeness and this can lead to world-wide healing and wellness. Together, we open and trust our connection with the Father, and then we allow His healing force to move in us and through us. This leads to a healing ripple-effect on the rest of the world. As we pray, we can ask that God will bring His healing light to a darkened and hurting world.

This leads to the opportunity to heal our own little corner of the world and it will begin to contribute to the healing of the whole. Everyone that begins to get involved in their little area is a small part of a larger, world-wide, healing uprising. A revolution of wellness, a healing spring begins to rise all over the nation. This healing spring then pours out over our planet. This revolution is different; this is an uprising of wholeness and hope. This healing spring flows from heaven and immerses our planet in the living, breathing water of God’s Divine love.


Begin this healing revolution by shifting your focus to the needs of others, as in ‘LOVE THY NEIGHBOR.’ Begin to shift from the focus of the little picture of ourselves and our little lives to the expanded big picture of nation-wide healing. And as we help and uplift others, we’re really helping and uplifting ourselves at the same time. As we get our focus off our own problems for a moment, we find it will go a long way in solving them. Rather than being self-centered, we become nation-centered and expand to being world-centered. Loving thy planet and serving thy planet becomes the highest form of serving God. We serve Him by sharing God’s love and healing light with all nations.

“The tree of life, and on either side of the river,

which bore twelve fruits,

each tree yielding its fruit every month.

The leaves of the tree were for healing of the nations.”-John

Our group healing prayers focused on the nation are like the tree of life. Concentrated, powerful prayers will yield fruit and begin the healing of nations. We only have to take what we learned in our prayer experiments and apply them to the healing of the planet. We’ve learned that we can set and meet specific prayer goals, and we’ve learned to open our hearts and souls as living channels to the loving God. We forgive, we relax and we rest in His healing presence and then we begin to pray.

We pray with faith by seeing the results in advance. Then we never forget to thank and praise the Most High for all His awesome gifts of healing and love. We thank Him for using us as loving channels of Divine light and love. We thank and praise Him for giving us the opportunity to be a source for His healing of nations. We begin by thinking small in terms of loving-kindness and healing in our little corner of the world. We end up thinking huge in terms of God using us to HEAL THY PLANET.


We totally get that God’s love and light is a constant in our lives. We get the fact that His healing presence flows in us and through us, and then take it upon ourselves to project and direct this Divine current of healing into the nation and world as a whole. We pray as a group to be filled with His Healing Spirit and His loving grace overflows in us. His healing love is then poured out in every corner of the globe. We’ve learned to allow the flow of His loving light into ourselves, then into another and now we focus and direct Divine healing into the world at large.

Because we are all connected in Christ our hearts beat as one with the world’s heart. His Divine love moves through us and it bursts upon the heart of the planet. While praying to HEAL THY PLANET might seem to be an impossible task alone, we can use the power of prayer groups. Using the expanded power of combined prayer in a group setting results in amazing transformation on a national level and then on to a global stage.

We start by expanding our praying for an ill person here or an ailing friend there, and begin praying for a divided nation and ailing planet. True transformation begins as we plant the seeds for the healing of hurting world. We’re experienced in using the power of one or two and now we can move up and utilize the expanded focus of a committed prayer group. We are confident that nothing is impossible with Christ, as we project and direct the tremendous power of our intentional prayer group. We can expand ourselves and begin to grasp the amazing healing force of our little group. Our prayers are specific thus very powerful; prayers sent with loving intention.


Jesus appointed 12 apostles and today we create powerful prayer groups of 12 people. This is the optimal number but anything over 5 people seems to give good results. We form a circle while holding hands and set specific intentions with specific visualizations of healing. Holding hands produces oneness and creates tremendous power. Alone as spiritually aware beings we are more powerful than we realize. But together as 12 focused spiritual beings we possess and direct amazing healing and transforming potential. Enough power to bring together a divided nation, enough power to heal an ailing planet.


We take what we’ve learned from our little healing prayers for one or two and expand them unto a world stage. As a group, we block our minds of anything not of Christ and His healing love. Together as a group, we visualize the world healed and whole. In our collective minds, we can see the entire planet surrounded by the light of His perfect love, a pure stream of His unconditional love surrounding the whole world. Our prayer group acts as one massive channel for a tidal wave of Christ’s healing love and light. Together, we find divinely unlimited awesome power. Together, we find nation healing. Together, we find world-wide healing.

As we begin to pray outward from our prayer group, each healing prayer is sent out as powerful ray of light. With more and more prayer, these healing rays expand and merge together into one huge, powerful, brilliant beam of His love. In our minds, we begin to see all of our group prayers as one blinding, healing light of pure love.

We can imagine the prayer’s light of love as a huge beam of healing. We visualize a powerful stream of healing light shooting out to the heavens. From every corner of the world, amazing streams of powerful healing light flow outward from our collective souls. Awesome beams of His Divine love erupt in golden hues as brilliant rays of light and hope exploding skyward and piercing the very heart of the cosmos.

The pure light of God Himself becomes so glorious and so strong it overtakes all the closed minds of a closed world. Magnificent rays of healing and hope overtake the entire world’s darkness; they overtake all the hate and war in the entire world. We see our collective prayers of love begin to merge into one brilliant beam of awesome heavenly light. It is so brilliant and bright, even the angels in heaven stand in awe as His pure, perfect love surrounds our little planet. All the angels and souls in heaven rejoice as His perfect love and healing light inspires a planet of brotherhood, a planet of perfect wholeness and complete oneness.

“The city had no need of the sun or of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God illuminated it.

The Lamb is its light.

And the nations of those who are saved shall walk in its light.” -John

A glorious new world of healing and wholeness begins illuminated by the light of the Lamb. The word healing itself comes from the Old English word hoelp, meaning holy, sacred or make whole. The old school spelling looks like a combination of holy and help. Healing, or becoming whole is then accomplished with His holy help. We all need God’s holy help in the form of a Divine gift of healing. Our ailing nation and the whole world needs His holy help to heal and become whole.

So, I guess it’s pretty simple, if we all take time to try and be holy, He will help us heal. If we make the intention to become healthy and whole, He will be there for us with His heavenly help. With His Divine assistance we become whole and perfected in His love, and perfect in health and wellness. With His Divine assistance we contribute to the entire Earth becoming whole and perfected in His love. It can’t get much simpler; I can’t make this stuff up. True story.

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