Chapter 2 Chalkboard Jesus


the kingdom of God

is within you."


Ted was determined to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This strong intention was the foundation of his journey to healing. He began by praying for God’s guidance and reading His word. In the scriptures, he found many passages containing promises of healing and hope. He noticed many times that Jesus chose to physically touch the person during the process of healing.

“And He laid His hands on her;

and immediately she was made straight,

and glorified God.”


From what he could gather from reading scripture, healing was also a matter of faith. With faith, you can begin to see yourself as a perfect expression of the Father

and believe you will be in perfect health.

At the time, he was reading the King James version of the Bible. At first, he found the old school writing style a bit much. Yet after a while, the words became alive and they began to shine the light of ages into his dark days. When he read the passages of amazing works of healing, he found hope. But he wondered just how Jesus accomplished these wondrous miracles.

How in the world?

He did them so effortlessly. Perhaps that was the answer. He wasn't doing much of anything, physically. He was merely allowing the Father to work through Him. Jesus was simply allowing God the Father to use His body as a holy and living sacrifice. He was relaxed and open to God's healing light and love, like it was the most natural thing in the world. By simply relaxing in the presence of His Holy Father, Jesus was able to accomplish tremendous miracles of healing and hope, and gave all the glory to the Father. While He could certainly heal others just by sending out God's light and love mentally, many times Jesus chose to use His touch as a transmitter of heavenly energy. His body became a divine conduit between Spirit and flesh.


Along with all the wondrous healing in the Bible, there seemed to be a lot of people suffering. A lot of them were being rounded up, and herded off to jail. My friend Ted could certainly relate. In time, he found the scriptures to be full of promise and hope. In time, he found the writing style to be compelling and beautiful. Thousands of years later, all the thou’s and thee’s were setting the stage for ancient truths to unfold. However, today he was still suffering. Today, wonderful and compelling wasn't getting it done.

Ted had heard of bodywork and touch healing, and went as far as getting a treatment. While it was soothing, it didn't heal his back; there was something missing.

Intuitively, he tried to lay his hands over different areas of his body while focusing on Christ's healing love working through him. He experimented by moving his hands to his lower back while praying short prayers and meditating. The missing element was Divine light and love.

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