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We wrote this book because it seemed the best way to share the healing gifts we both received. We felt compelled to share a simple method we both have used to overcome pain and disease. The HEAL THYSELF method of prayer and bodywork is a bit misnamed, as only God truly heals. Sometimes He may ask for a little prayer. Sometimes He requires you draw nearer so He can do His handiwork. As you draw near to Him and begin to walk on higher ground, you will find truth. The truth that you’re a spiritual being with the ability to heal yourself and others through the living, loving God. In the quiet of His presence you discover the ability to allow His healing love and restoring grace to flow in and through you.

It’s a simple and practical method that can be used immediately to restore wellness on all four levels of being, physically, mentally, emotionally and most of all, spiritually. In the stillness of His healing presence you will find fellowship with yourself on a deeper level, and you will experience a union with your spiritual source, the Great Healer. This is a simple system and a short, easy read. Yet, you can experience wondrous healing through these techniques. You may find it works best if you read it once through, and then go back and re-read sections that stood out to you, as this may bring new insights and deeper understanding. The more you use these techniques, the more these simple truths will unfold, and the more your personal wellness journey will be enriched. It is meant to be an introduction and guideline, hopefully something you will use as a stepping stone to becoming well and whole. We trust you too will find this self-empowering system to be an evolving, fluid process of wholeness and hope.

A lot of times, this is the part of the book where you are introduced to an esteemed author of great literary pedigree, or perhaps a master of divinity and theology. Wrong book, as we are neither. It is a humble book of our personal healing experience, one crawled to with a broken body and a broken spirit. We all know what is means to be totally broken and totally mucked up. But there can be amazing power in both. The journey begins with a firm commitment for healing, and making the strong choice to heal, as each person takes responsibility for their own health. It turns out we weren’t hopelessly mucked up, we were just doing extensive and sometimes exhaustive research for this book.

Our mission is to empower the reader with a practical healing tool, and begin to look at daily prayer and meditation as primary path to health and wholeness, not one to be used only in desperation or as a last resort. If you open this book with an open heart, we believe you will experience healing and transformation as we did.

Open this book and open your mind to a healing experience through the living, giving, loving God. It is our prayer this book brings you joyful blessings, healing and hope.

-Suzann & Theo

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