our Story

We believe in the power of love. We believe in the power of prayer. We believe in the power of touch. We also believe there is amazing transforming power when you combine the three. We wrote this book because it seemed the best way to share the healing gifts we both received. We felt compelled to share a simple method we both have used to overcome pain and disease. The HEAL THYSELF method of prayer and bodywork is a bit misnamed, as only God truly heals. Sometimes He may ask for a little prayer as sometimes He requires you draw nearer so He can do His handiwork. As you draw near to Him and begin to walk on higher ground, you will find truth. The truth that you’re a spiritual being with the ability to heal yourself and others through the living, loving God. In the quiet of His presence you discover the ability to allow His healing love and restoring grace to flow in and through you.

Suzann clark


paintings and Sculpture

theodore zen